Vol. XXXII, 2021
Émile Zola and Naturalism

Vol. XXXI, 2019
Émile Zola and Naturalism in Europe

Vol. XXX, 2018
Émile Zola, Octave Mirbeau and Naturalism

Vol. XXIX, 2017
Émile Zola and Naturalism

Vol. XXVIII, 2016
Émile Zola and Naturalism

VOL. XXVII, 2016
Zola and French Naturalist Writers

VOL. XXVI, 2015
Zola, Naturalism and Neo-Naturalism in Europe and Abroad: Fiction, Photography, Film

VOL. XXV, 2015
Rurality Versus Urbanity in Zola and Naturalist Texts

VOL. XXIV, 2014
Naturalism and neo-naturalism in the United States, the South, and Louisiana

Vol. XXIII/1-2, 2008
Realism, Naturalism and Decadentism
Problematics of Female Representation in French and Scandinavian Realism and Naturalism
The Trappings and Implications of Feminity in French Naturalist Texts
The Constructedness of Naturalist and Decadent Women

Vol. XXII/1-2, 2007
Naturalist Foundations on the Continent
Naturalism and Realism: From Europe to North America
Realism and its Discontents

Vol. XXI/1-2, 2006
Naturalist Transgressions in Europe and Latin America
Zola: Writing Modernity
Screening Naturalism: Problematics of Film Adaptation

Vol. XX/1-2, 2005
Naturalism and the Visual
Precursors and Contemporaries of Zolian Naturalism
Social Malady in the Zolian Text
Zola and the Lusophone World

Vol. XIX/1-2, 2004
Networks of Energy in The Rougon-Macquart
Zola: Translation, Censorship and Adaptation
Social Hierarchies and Margins
Naturalist Crossroads and Junctures
Comparative Reflexions on Naturalism

Vol. XVIII/1-2, 2003
Social Aspects of Zola’s Works
Woman in French Naturalist Fiction
Zola and Naturalism in Spain
The Wider European Context of Naturalism
Naturalism in Latin America

Vol. XVII/1-2, 2002
The One-Hundredth Anniversary of Zola's Death
Zola's Urban Novels
Film Adaptations of The Rougon-Macquart
Zola and His French Contemporaries
The Reception and Diffusion of Zola's Ideas in Europe
American Literary and Cinematic Naturalism

Vol. XVI/1-2, 2002
Race, Regionalism, Nation
Cultural Studies Approaches to Zola's Text
Zola and His European Contemporaries
Naturalism and the Nineteenth-Century French Hero As Genius
South American and Spanish Naturalism

Vol. XV/1-2, 2001
Zola's Novels: Text and Film
Naturalism, Feminism, Misogyny
Specularity in Art and Literature
Naturalism in Central Europe and North America
Reception of Zola and the Dreyfus Affair in France and Abroad

Vol. XIV/1-2, 2001
Zola's Short Texts and Pre-Texts
Naturalism as Politics and Philosophy
Other French and Belgian Naturalist Writers
Naturalism Against Other Literary Movements

Vol. XIII, 2000
Women in Naturalist Fiction
Urban Disourse and Representation
Reception of Zola's Work
Ideological Interpretation of Naturalist Texts

Vol. XII, 1999
Zola and the Theoretical Scientific Discourse
The Dreyfus Affair
European Naturalism in Literature and Cinema

Vol. XI, 1998
L'Œuvre d'Émile Zola.
International Naturalist Cinema.
Émile Zola à l'étranger

Vol. X, 1997
The influence of French Naturalism on Hispanic Writers
Naturalism and American Filmmakers

Vol. IX, 1997
Émile Zola before and after the Rougon-Macquart

Vol. VIII, 1996
American Naturalist Writers: Jack London and Frank Norris
Filmmakers and Jack London
Sergei Eisenstein and Naturalism

Vol. VI/VII, 1995
Naturalisme, Naturalism, Naturalismo
Filmmakers and Naturalism

Vol. IV/V, 1994
Centenial of Le Docteur Pascal
Argentina, Brazil, India, Israël and Naturalism

Vol. III, 1993
Ces Rougon-Macquart à jamais inachevés
Zola against Naturalism

Vol. II, 1993
Émile Zola’s Woman and Women
Naturalism and Jack London

Vol. I, 1992
Émile Zola/ 1991: Nouvelles Rencontres

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