Vol. XXII/1-2, 2007

Naturalist Foundations on the Continent

Carolyn SNIPES-HOYT. L’esthétique naturaliste du gros plan dans La Passion de Jeanne d’Arc de Carl Dreyer

Jean-Sébastien MACKE. La Nouvelle Babylone: cinéma, littérature et musique naturalistes

Roy CHANDLER CALDWELL, Jr. Denaturalized Naturalism: Marcel L’Herbier’s L’Argent (1929)

Kelly BASILIO. Un train nommé désir

Gilbert DARBOUZE. De la page à la pellicule: la transformation de Muffat dans Nana de Christian-Jaque

Naturalism and Realism: From Europe to North America

Monica FILIMON. On the Threatening Double: The Figure of the Prostitute in Émile Zola’s Nana, Joseph von Sternberg’s Der Blaue Engel, and Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s Lola

Elisabeth-Christine MUELSCH. A Prostitute is a Prostitute is a Prostitute? From the Third Republic to the Great Depression: Outsiders in “Boule de Suif” and Stagecoach

Juliana STARR. Coal Miners’ Daughters: Representations of Women in Germinal, Matewan and Harlan County, USA

Rosemary PETERS. Oculi omnium: Mystery and Spectacle on the Altar and the Screen

Vasily TOLMATCHOFF. Eisenstein vs. Dreiser: An American Tragedy through the Eyes of a Soviet Film-maker

John ATHANASOURELIS. Realism and Naturalism in Greed

Tony WILLIAMS. The Naturalist Horizons of Nightmare Alley (1947)

Realism and its Discontents

Temenuga TRIFONOVA. Distracted Cinema: Kracauer and Realist Film Discourse

Birger LANGKJÆR. The Celebration as Non-naturalistic Naturalism and Stylized Realism

Amanda KLEIN. Realism, Melodrama or Horror? The Depiction of Divorce in David Cronenberg’s The Brood

Delia CAPAROSO KONZETT. Realism and Orientalism in John Ford’s December 7th

Laurel HARRIS. Ruptured Space and Temporal Escape: Tsai Ming-liang’s Millennial Film Musical The Hole

Matthias KONZETT. Revisiting Fassbinder’s Ali: The New Realism of Fatih Akin’s German Turkish Cinema

Naturalism and Realism in Contemporary French-Language Film

Catherine DOUSTEYSSIER-KHOZE. L’humanité de Bruno Dumont: “film expérimental” naturaliste?

Ronald GEERTS. Realism in the Films of Luc and Jean-Pierre Dardenne: Post- Neorealism?

Alexandra MIEKUS. La construction d’un regard réaliste dans Rosetta

Marcelline BLOCK. “The Shock of the Real” in Pialat’s Van Gogh (1991): Trauma and The Red Vineyard

Romain CHAREYRON. La Petite Lili ou la fracture du réel

Lenuta GIUKIN. Europe at the Age of Ideals: (Trans)National Identities in French Cinema