Philadelphia 2001

10th International Conference
Emile Zola and Naturalism
7th International Film Festival

Liberty Bell

October 4-6, 2001

Sponsored by:

French Institute for Culture and Technology, University of Pennsylvania

Hosted by:

Department of Romance Languages, University of Pennsylvania


Organizer-in-chief: Anna Gural-Migdal (University of Alberta, Canada)
AIZEN organizers: Carolyn Snipes-Hoyt (University of Lethbridge, Canada) and Robert Singer (Kingsborough Community College, CUNY, USA)
Local Organizers: Lucienne Frappier-Mazur, Juliette Parnet, Jean-Marie Roulin, and Maurice Samuels (University of Pennsylvania, USA)
Dreyfus Exhibit Organizer: Lorraine Beitler (Beitler Family Foundation)


    8:00-9:00 AM REGISTRATION,
    Houston Hall, 2nd floor

    9:00-9:30 AM OPENING SPEECHES,
    Ben Franklin Room

    Robert Singer, Vice President of the AIZEN

    Joseph Farrell, Associate Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences, University of Pennsylvania

    Carlos J. Alonso, Chair of the Dept. of Romance Languages, University of Pennsylvania

    Maurice Samuels, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Romance Languages, University of Pennsylvania

    Jean H. Gallier, Director, French Institute for Culture and Technology, University of Pennsylvania

    Anna Gural-Migdal, President of the AIZEN


    9:30-11:30 AM, Ben Franklin Room

Figures of Science and Degeneracy in Zola's Work
President: Bernadette Lintz

    Robert S. April (Mount Sinai School of Medicine, USA): "L'influence de la médecine au dix-neuvième siècle sur le naturalisme de Zola"

    Christian Mbarga (Johns Hopkins University, USA): "Zola et la culpabilité. Le cas de l'inceste dans Le Docteur Pascal et La Curée"

    Daryl Lee (Brigham Young University, USA): "Zola's Uncanny Paris: Commune Resurgence"

    Katrina Perry (University of Richmond, USA): "Beyond Visual Representation or 'la hantise du sang contaminé' in Selected Novels of Les Rougon-Macquart"

    11:45 AM-1:00 PM LUNCH
    White Dog Café


    1:15-1:45 PM, Ben Franklin Room

Special Presentation : The Dreyfus Affair
President: Lorraine Beitler

    Guest Speaker: Eric Cahm "Brave Champion of Truth or Insulter of the French Army? The View of Zola in France after 'J'accuse...!'"


1:45-3:15 PM, Ben Franklin Room

Emile Zola and Ethnicity
President: Janice Best

    Evlyn Gould (University of Oregon at Eugene, USA): "Race, Culture, 'Truth': The 'Jews,' the Intellectuals, and the Dreyfus Affair"

    Jeremy D. Worth (University of Western Ontario, Canada): "Les damnés de la terre: Germinal et l'ethnicité de l'ouvrier"

    Camille Collins (Columbia University, USA): "Zola's Bohemians"

    3:15-3:30 PM, BREAK


    3:30-5:30 PM, Ben Franklin Room

Panel: Uncontainable Bodies: Adulteresses, Androids, Androgynes, and Vampires in European and South American Literature
Co-organizers: Sayeeda Mamoon and Juan Spicer Escalante
Co-presidents: José Antonio Ramos and Juliana Starr

    José Antonio Ramos (Boston College, USA): "Revenge of 'The Vampire': The Mad Scientist's Creation of the Femme Fatale in a Short Story by Horacio Quiroga"

    Juliana Starr (Christian Brothers University, USA): "The Two Faces of Eve: Villiers's Response to Zola's La Faute de l'abbé Mouret"

    Sayeeda Mamoon (Edgewood College, USA): "The Medusa's Revenge: Female Spectation, Visual Transgression, and Body Politics in Oscar Wilde's Salomé and the Beardsley Illustrations"

    Juan Spicer Escalante (Oakland University, USA): "The Mater Patria: Adultery and the Adulteress in Lucio Vicente López' La gran aldea (1884)"

5:45-6:45 PM
Opening wine and cheese offered by the French Institute for Culture and Technology

Exhibit from the Lorraine Beitler Collection:
Zola and the Dreyfus Affair: Intellectuals and the Struggle for Social Justice
Van Pelt-Dietrich Library, Lessing J. Rosenwald Gallery


    9:30-11:30 AM, Golkin Room

Other Naturalist Genres
President: Elizabeth Emery

    Jennifer K. Wolter(Ohio State University, USA): " Les soirées de Médan: Naturalist Manifesto or the Beginning of the End of the Médan Group?"

    Jelena Jovicic(University of Western Ontario, Canada): "Une correspondance triangulaire: Zola-Baille-Cézanne"

    Holly Haahr (Yeshiva University, USA): "Arthur Rimbaud: Forefather of Naturalist Poetry?"

    Hélène M. Julien (Colgate University, USA): "(Se) peindre, (s')écrire: le journal de Marie Bashkirtseff"

    11:45-1:00 PM LUNCH
    White Dog Café


    1:45-3:15 PM, Golkin Room

Special Session: Les Quatre Evangiles
President: Gilbert Darbouze

    Leonard Koos (Mary Washington College, USA): "To Be or Not To Be: The Politics of Depopulation and Emile Zola's Fécondité "

    Michel Berta (North Carolina School of the Arts, University of North Carolina, USA): "La femme dans Fécondité et Paris au XXème siècle"

    Chantal Morel (Institut Français de Londres, England): "To Be or Not To Be: The French System of Education in Vérité"

    3:15-3:30 PM BREAK


    3:30-5:30 PM, Golkin Room

Religious Aspects of Naturalist Fiction
President: Katrina Perry

    Olga Kronmeyer (Liberty University, USA): "God's Servants in Zola's 'Priests and Sinners'"

    Louisa Rice (Rutgers University, USA): "Gods and Monsters: Symbolism in Emile Zola's Political and Fictional Work"

    Kristof Haavik (University of Bostwana, Bostwana): "Zola and Teilhard de Chardin: Unexpected Parallels"

    Agnes A. Shields (Chestnut Hill College, USA): "Religion as Trope in the Naturalistic Novels of George Moore: Mummer's Wife, A Drama in Muslin, and Esther Waters"

Naturalist Film Festival

    6:45-11:00 PM, Golkin Room
    In the presence of George Romero, introduced by Tony Williams, author of George Romero: Knight of the Living Dead

    Dawn of the Dead (George Romero, 1979, USA, 140 min., in English) This strange film about zombies in a suburban mall features shopping as a carnivorous activity. Would Zola recognize the potential milieu?

    Martin (George Romero, 1976, USA, 100 min., in English) This production shows a young man suffering from an identity crisis. He believes he is a vampire and goes about proving it to the world. Another location film by the master from Pittsburgh!



    8:30-10:00 AM, Class of '49 Auditorium

Panel: Thérèse Raquin
Organizer and President: Rohini Bannerjee

    Servanne Woodward (University of Western Ontario, Canada): "Thérèse Raquin et le Wunderbolock"

    Philippe Basabose (University of Western Ontario, Canada): "La science dans Thérèse Raquin: du prétexte au pré-texte"

    Rohini Bannerjee (University of Western Ontario, Canada): "Hors du mythe exotique: Thérèse Raquin et ses tactiques"

    10:00-10:15 AM BREAK


    10:15-12:15 PM, Class of '49 Auditorium

Naturalism, Regionalism, and Race
President: Anna Gural-Migdal

    Iole Checcone (Youngstown State University, USA): "Ethnically Correct, Rossomalpelo: Giovanni Verga's Emblem of Child Labor"

    Anne-Simone Dufief (Université de Paris X, France): "Nord et Midi dans l'Œuvre romanesque de Daudet"

    Pierre Dufief (Université de Bretagne Occidentale, France): "La pensée de la race chez les Goncourt: xénotypes et stéréotypes"

    Jeanne Campbell Reesman (University of Texas at San Antonio, USA): "Jack Johnson, Jack London, and 'The Great White Hope'"

    12:15-1:15 PM LUNCH


    1:15-2:00 PM, Class of '49 Auditorium

Special Presentation: Zola the Novelist
President: Carolyn Snipes-Hoyt

    Guest Speaker: Naomi Schor (Yale University, USA): "Visualizing Zola"


    2:00-4:00 PM, Class of '49 Auditorium

Women in Naturalist Fiction
President: Marie-Sophie Armstrong

    Carol Rifelj (Middlebury College, USA): "'Les cheveux tombés, les épaules nues': Women's Hair in Zola's Novels"

    Jurate Kaminskas (Queen's University, Canada): "Le devenir de la femme: Frapié disciple de Zola?"

    Holly Woodson Waddell (Northwestern University, USA): "'Qui l'a mise nue?': Solving the Riddle of the Sphinx in La Curée"

    Ellen Mayock (Washington and Lee University, USA): "Naturalism and Feminism in Nosotros, los Rivero by Dolores Medio"

    4:00-4:15 PM BREAK


    4:15-6:15 PM, Class of '49 Auditorium

Zola's European Contemporaries in Naturalism
President: Diane M. Smith

    Elizabeth Amann (University of Chicago, USA): "Cinderella at Macy's: Zola to Galdós"

    Marisa Perez-Bernardo (Catholic University of America, USA): "Pardo Bazán: A Step Further from Naturalism"

    Steven Amarnick (Kingsborough Community College, USA): "Trollope and Naturalism: The Late Experimental Novels"

    Molly Youngkin (Ohio State University, USA): "'She bore her degradations...': Woman's Agency, Familial Psychology, and Naturalism in George Gissing's The Nether World"


    8:30-10:00 AM, Griski Room

Other French and Belgian Naturalist Writers
President: Chantal Morel

    Philippe Chavasse (Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, USA): "'Un naturaliste enthousiaste': George Eekhoud dans Escal-Vigor"

    Amy Reid (New College of the University of South Florida, USA): Constructing the Ideal (as) Object: Huysmans' Triptychs"

    Francis Lacoste (Université de Bordeaux III, France): "Maupassant et le naturalisme"

    10:00-10:15 AM BREAK


    10:15-12:15 PM, Griski Room

Image, Motif, and Metaphor in French Naturalist Fiction
President: Maurice Samuels

    Elizabeth Donato (Clarion University, USA): Rabâchage and Piétinement as Metaphorical Expressions of Bourgeois Mediocrity in J.-K. Huysmans' Naturalist Novels"

    Martine Kincaid (University of Cincinnati, USA): "Bel-Ami: le motif du bilboquet et la structure métaphorique"

    Pamela Wilson (California State University, Los Angeles, USA): "Through a Glass Starkly: Windows in Zola's Rougon-Macquart"

    Wojciech Tomasik (Casimir the Great Academy of Bydgoszcz, Poland): "La Bête humaine or the World Perceived through a Machine"

    12:15-1:15 PM LUNCH


    2:00-4:00 PM, Griski Room

New Critical Approaches to Zola's Text
President: Mihaela Marin

    Janice Best (Acadia University, Canada); "...une soirée sanglante de cette fin de siècle"

    Marie-Sophie Armstrong (Lehigh University, USA): "Aux sources des Rougon-Macquart: L'espace de Réquillart dans Germinal"

    Véronique Cnockaert (Université du Québec à Montréal, Canada): "Du marbre et du chiffonné ou comment 'casser le nez aux déesses'"

    Lisa Ng (University of Calgary, Canada): "Le regard idéologique dans L'Assommoir d'Emile Zola"

    4:00-4:15 PM BREAK


    4:15-6:15 PM, Griski Room

Naturalism and the Arts
President: Drew Limsky

    Vasily Tolmatchoff (Lomonosov State University of Moscow, Russia): "Flaubert, 'Slice of Life' Aesthetic' and Naturalist Novels about Art"

    Patrick Cable (Cleveland Museum of Art, USA): "Caillebotte and Modern Realist Concerns during the First Impressionist Shows"

    Kevin Elstob (California State University, Sacramento, USA): "'Travail' a Video Documentary Project"

    Peter Kastner, Actor (USA) and Pauline Wahl Willis (University of Calgary, Canada): " Nobody Waved Good-bye, a Canadian Naturalist Film"

8:00-11:00 PM, Naturalist Dinner, Sheraton University City Hotel, Georgian Room

Presentation of the AIZEN´┐Ż Award for the Best Graduate Student Paper



    9:00-10:30 AM, Class of '49 Auditorium

Panel: American Psycho: Literary and Cinematic Naturalist Approaches
Organizer: Tony Williams
President and Respondant: Christopher Sharrett

    Tony Williams (Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, USA): "American Psycho: A Late 20th Naturalist Text"

    Steven Jay Schneider (Harvard University, USA): "I guess I'm a pretty sick guy.' Reconciling remorse in American Psycho"

    Philip Simpson (Brevard Community College, USA): "The Wilding One: American Ideology and Economic Violence in the Novel and Film American Psycho"

    10:30-10:45 AM BREAK


    10:45-12:15 PM, Class of '49 Auditorium

Film Adaptations of Zola's Novels
President: Robert Singer

    Barbara Romanczuk (Ohio State University, USA): " Nana--The Lost Look"

    Gilbert Darbouze (Bloomsburg University, USA): "De la page à la pellicule: la transformation de Muffat"

    Sylvie L. Waskiewicz (New York University, USA): "Cola vs. Zola: Germinal and the Battle over 'French Exception'"

    12:15-1:15 PM, LUNCH


    1:15-3:15 PM, Class of '49 Auditorium

Panel: The Hero as Genius in Nineteenth-century France
Organizer and President: Gayle A. Levy

    Adrianna M. Paliyenko (Colby College, USA): "Women, Poetry, and the Nature of Genius"

    Gayle A. Levy (University of Missouri-Kansas City, USA): "Articulating Balzac's Genius at the Crossroads of the Nineteenth Century"

    Elizabeth Emery (Montclair State University, USA): "'Le génie, c'est une névrose!' and Other Sayings: Genius, Society, and the Novel in Late Nineteenth-Century France"

    Peter Schulman (Old Dominion University, USA): "Eccentricity as Clinamen: Jules Verne's Error-Driven Geniuses"

3:15-3:30 PM BREAK


3:30-5:30 PM, Class of '49 Auditorium

Special Session: Theodore Dreiser
President: Jeanne Campbell Reesman

    Cary Hollinshead-Strick (University of Pennsylvania, USA): "If the Theater is a Brothel, What is the Critic? The Role of Journalism in Nana and Sister Carrie"

    Doran Larson (Hamilton College, USA): "Taylor-Made Girls: Eroticizing Scientific Management in Sister Carrie"

    Drew Limsky (New York University, USA): "Clinton as a Dreiser Hero"


9:00-10:30 AM, Ben Franklin Room

Panel: Science and Sex: Desire in Zola and After
Organizer and President: Rachel Mesch

    Masha Belenky (Columbia University, USA): "Revenge of the Galloping Beast: Zola's Flore"

    Laura Spagnoli (University of Pennsylvania, USA): "Clotilde future: Creation and procreation in Le Docteur Pascal"

    Rachel Mesch (Barnard College, USA): "Rewriting Naturalist Desire: Lucie Delarue-Mardrus' Female bête humaine"

    10:30-10:45 AM BREAK


    10:45-12:15 PM, Ben Franklin Room

Spanish Naturalism
President: Ellen Mayock

    Sharon L. Reeves (CUNY Graduate Center, CUNY, USA): "Zola's Influence in Late Nineteenth-Century Spain: Eduardo López Bago and 'Radical Naturalism'"

    Pilar V. Rotella (Chapman University, USA): "Picarism, Naturalism, Existentialism: Cela's The Family of Pascual Duarte"

    Jeffrey Oxford (University of North Texas, USA): "Camilo José Cela, Tremendismo, and Numerology: A Case Study"

    12:15-1:15 PM LUNCH


    1:15-3:15 PM, Ben Franklin Room

Naturalist Writers in the Americas
President: Michel Berta

    Ligia Vassallo (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil): "Naturalisme dans la brousse"

    Carolyn Snipes-Hoyt (University of Lethbridge, Canada): "Le renversement du déterminisme naturaliste dans La Rivière sans repos de Gabrielle Roy"

    Shannon O. Cotrell (University of Texas at San Antonio, USA): "Solitude, Strife, and Nameless Protagonists: The Evolution of Jack London's Naturalism"

    Alexis Lutich (University of Texas at San Antonio, USA): "Imperfect Poets, Imperfect Politics: Romantic Political Ideology Faces Industrial Reality"

    3:15-3:30 PM BREAK


    3:30-5:00 PM, Ben Franklin Room

Special Session: L'Œuvre
President: Christian Mbarga

    Janette K. Bayles (Utah State University, USA): "Functions of the Fantastic in Zola's L'Œuvre"

    Hélène Poiré (Université Laval, Canada): "Zola et Cézanne 'sur le motif': L'Œuvre réapprivoisée"

    Göran Blix (Columbia University, USA): "'Le trou dans L'Œuvre': Zola's Punctured Text"

Naturalist Film Festival

    6:00-9:30 Ben Franklin Room

    Prisoner of Honor (Ken Russell, 1991, England, 90 min., in English)
    This film takes a unique look at the Dreyfus Affair, for it is told from the point of view of the (real) counter-intelligence agent who confronts the French military establishment.

    I Accuse (José Ferrer, 1958, USA, 120 min., in English)
    José Ferrer not only directs this film, but also gives a compelling performance as Dreyfus suffering horrific injustices contrived by the French military.

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