About the AIZEN

Vice President / Vice-Président
Prof. Carmen MAYER

Carmen Mayer is Associate Professor of French at The University of Alabama, where she teaches language and (mostly nineteenth-century) literature. Recent research projects have focused on Zola and adaptation (film, opera, Broadway and other theatrical productions of Zola novels). Publications have appeared in XIX Dix-Neuf, Romance Studies, EXCAVATIO, Romance Languages Annual, Romance Notes, Nineteenth Century French Studies, and Dalhousie French Studies. Current writing projects focus on cultural history and turn-of-the century utopianism in the Quatre Evangiles. Dr. Mayer’s friendship with the AIZEN began many years ago when, as a graduate student, she attended her first AIZEN conference. There she won the 1999 award for the best graduate student paper, which was later published in EXCAVATIO, Volume III (Women in Naturalist Fiction, 2000).